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Wright's Health & Nutrition.

At Wright's Health & Nutrition, our goal is to help our customers cleanse, nourish and improve their bodies to maintain a high quality of life.

Our commitment is to provide incomparable products and services that will help build better lifestyles and transform lives.

Wright's retails USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Carrier Oils, Herbs, Teas and Spices. We also carry MesoSilver, Copper and Gold.

CBD oil products.

We have local vendors producing jewelry, soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, honey and more!

We have an amazing REAL-FOOD REVOLUTIONARY Program to offer that provides Transformation, Weight Loss, Metabolic Reset, Muscle-Building and more using Superfoods that are USDA Certified Organic and Kosher.

To maintain a solid immune system, we also retail MesoSilver, MesoCopper and MesoGold.

Supreme Fulvic & Humic Complex is available in store.

If you are ready to Invest in your health and transform your life, come visit us at Wright's Health & Nutrition.

(337) 445-3400

Location and Hours   (337) 445-3400

104 Albertson Parkway, Suite 7

Broussard, LA  70518

Tues - Friday  10am - 6pm  Central Time

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Closed:   Sunday & Monday